Low Impact Living

At Monk in Camo we practice the policy of Low Impact Living.

Some call it Sustainable Living while others call it Green Living. We like to call it Low Impact Living. Try as we might the very fact that we tread this Earth means that will leave an impact. The purpose is to reduce this impact footprint as much as possible.

Reduce-Reuse-RecycleWe like to Refuse | Reduce | Reuse | Recycle. The Monk in Camo lifestyle attempts to reduce as far as possible the dependence on resources - both natural and certainly man-made. It is about sustainability. It is about giving back to Earth more than we are taking from it. Our relationship with Nature is a symbiotic one ... at least it should be. This is something that we forget living in the concrete monstrosities of our cities.

We do not quite understand the concepts of global warming and carbon footprint and other such fancy scientific philosophies. What we do understand is that we humans are the only species that have the privilege of paying for living on Earth. That is just wrong. And because we pay, we extract our individual pounds of flesh from deep within her heart.

Sustainable and prolonged Low Impact Living has to be a equitable compromise between ecological needs, societal demands and economic criterion.

Monk in Camo is a small experimental community wherein we try and balance these three pillars in a manner that has as low an impact on Nature as possible. Ecological needs are paramount. We prefer not to introduce plastics, but in today's day and age with almost all packaging in plastic, it is difficult to negate it in our lives entirely. Therefore, we try and Reduce | Reuse | Recycle as much as possible.

The tepees are made from cotton material and though technically recycled, they will last a very long time. The poles are bamboo, another abundantly available renewable resource.

We do not like flush toilets with water just going down the drain ... in many case, good fresh water. It is a criminal act to waste fresh water when less than 3% of water on Earth is fresh water. Much water is wasted in cleaning out human waste. At Monk in Camo we have dry toilets where the 'produce' is collected and converted to fertiliser, that in turn grows our backyard gardens.

We do not pay any electricity bills since we do not have any electricity pulled from the grid. Why do that when there is this enormous renewable generator in the sky. Whatever electricity you will see at Monk in Camo is solar powered.

We do not cut trees for construction or for firewood. Only deadwood lying on the floor or hanging from branches are collected for firewood. The charcoal is then converted to fertiliser by mixing it with urine (for nitrogen) and dead plant life.

We grow vegetables and fruits organically. We have a chicken coop for the freshest eggs that money cannot hope to buy. The honey bee colony provides honey ... fresh and sweet and pure straight from the hive. Rabbits are bred for protein. The plan is to introduce some goats for milk.

When addressing societal demands, Monk in Camo provides an opportunity for people to experience this lifestyle to see how liberating it really is. Without the pressures of keeping up with neighbours, life becomes very simple indeed.

Economics is something we do not like to undertake at Monk in Camo. Bartering and sharing is the name of the Low Impact Living game.

We have chosen this lifestyle and we hope that you will experience it with us and enjoy the bounty that Mother Nature bestows on us. You do not need to exploit her for a satisfying life.

Low Impact Living will bring you closer to what Nature intended our relationship to be with her.